The Sea Garden of Varna

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The Sea Garden (aka Coastal Garden) is a park in the city of Varna. It is among the symbols of the city and regarded as a piece of park art.

After the Liberation in 1881 the mayor Michael Koloni proposed to build a city garden around the theatre and the coastal park but the money was not enough. The persistence of the mayor and some of his entourage gradually led to success. There were 26 acres of park on which 130 trees were planted. The Check park builder Anton Novak, who was invited in the city by the brothers Schorpil, took the signed task to heart; the place was cleaned, mapped and the first rare plants were planted.

Carts full of valuable tree and flower species came to Varna from Longoza, Strandzha, even Tsarigrad. Some of them were elm, linden, chestnut, ash. In 1899 the Municipality built a house for Novak at the entrance of the Sea Garden due to his ‘most activity'.

Gradually the sea garden grew, Varna expanded as a tourist and balneological centre. In 1912-1913 several fountains were built, street lamps were put on the alleys. In 1908 it was decided that an alley of the Revival activists had растения to be build.
The tradition for planting coniferous trees by Russian cosmonauts, who came to Varna, is unique. Today the tree, planted by the first Bulgarian cosmonaut George Ivanov, grows near the patheon.

In 1906 the building of one of the most famous sites in Varna began - the Aquerium (Marine Biological station), today it is an Institute for fish resources at BAS.
In 1928 the Sea Garden already had a tennis court and a playground.

During 1950s the Musem for Military Navy was built. The Military navy museum is one of the hundred national tourist destinations today.

On 30th April, 1961 the zoo was opened. Its first inhabinat was the Maksim bear, who was given as a present by the sailors of the ‘George Dimitrov' ship.

In the restored building of the army the Natural history museum of Varna opened its doors. In 1968 the astronomical observatory was built.

The sundial was built at the entrance of the Sea Garden just after the colonnade; it stylistically represents a flying swan.

There are a lot of beautiful sites on the Varna coastal region. The Fitzhoza region is situated south from Varna; it is famous for its clean and wild beaches. Romantika resort is situated in the Fitchoza area. Romantika resort has 15 bungalows, which are suitable for families and friends; there is also a playground for the kids.

Romantika Resort

Romantika Resort

Romantika resort is situated in the Fichoza area, 12 kilometres south of the city of Varna. It is located in a deciduous forest near the beach.

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