Romn baths, the baths of Odessos

Romn baths, the baths of Odessos Romn baths - Varna The baths of Odessos The baths of Odessos

The Roman baths are situated in the southeastern part of nowadays Varna, near the harbour; they are some of the best-preserved architectural monuments from the antique period in Bulgaria. They were built during the Roman era (1st -4th century), at the end of 2nd century, they represent the biggest Roman bath on the Balkans and the fourth biggest in Europe.

According to surveys the height of the arch constructions was above 20 m and the total area of this facility around 7,000 sq. m. The baths had been functioning till the end of 3rd century.

The heating system of the baths was unique. It was connected with the double floor and the special cavities, which took the hot air to the top of the building; they were near hot mineral springs, which are used even now in Varna.
The visitors of the baths came in wide halls which put a natural barrier before the cold air.

The main entrances to the baths of Odessos were in the east and west end of the south façade. The visitors entered the east and west vestibule on three steps. They took their clothes off in two dressing rooms (apoditeria) - the biggest rooms after the hall for meetings, sport etc. (basilica thermarium). The dressing rooms were original clubs in which the visitors stayed before or after the bathing.

At the baths there were other premises with different useage: a hall for pouring people over with luke warm water (frigidarium); a hall for pouring people over with warm water (tepidarium); for pouring people over with hot water (caldarium); toilets (latrinae); praefurnium and many others. Together with other public buildings the baths were an important part of the everyday life of Odessos. From the 1960s the Roman baths became an architectural monument of cultura with national importance.

A pedestal of the statue of Klavdii Akvila was found during excavation works as well as statues of the Roma gods - Heraklius, Victoria and Mercuris, who most propably decorated the halls and made them look more festive. As it is obvious from the inscriptions found the gods-patrons of health - Asclepius and Higia - had a temple in the northwest part of the baths. The archeologists found some fragments from marbel window frames, formed like Heraklius' crook, who had been honoured as the god of the springs.

Varna is a tourist centre with plenty of mineral springs, balneohealing and sea holidays. There are a lot of beautiful sites on the Varna seacoast.

The Fitchoza area is situated south of Varna; the area is famous for its clean and wild beaches. Romantika resort is situated in the Fitchoza area. Romantika resort has 15 bungalows, which are suitable for families and friends; there is also a playground for the kids.

Romantika Resort

Romantika Resort

Romantika resort is situated in the Fichoza area, 12 kilometres south of the city of Varna. It is located in a deciduous forest near the beach.

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