Galata Cape

Galata Cape Galata Cape Galata Cape

Galata is a rocky cape in Bulgaria. The cape is situated in the northeast part of the Avren plateau 4 km away from the Varna lake; it juts out into the Black sea. It is the furtherst point of the Varna gulf.

Galata is famous for its lighthouse, which is seen from the Varna beaches and even from the northern resort complexes.

The lighthouse at Galata Cape is one of the main navigation equipment on the Bulgarian coast. It started working with gas on 15th August 1863. In 1912 a new lighthouse was built 100 m from the old one. In 1914, when Varna was supplied with electricity, the lighthouse began working on electricity. In 2001 a third lighthouse was built 100 m away from the second (which was closed because of the danger of landsliding); the new lighthouse is modern, 22 m in height and has an elevator.

Galata Cape is among the symbols of Varna. Galata living district is situated near it; the beaches of Fitchoza and Pasha dere, where there are bungalows and small hotels, are also there. Beautidul nature, clean, rocky at places, beach, which gives the opportunity for fishing and mussel gathering, as well as for camping are preserved there.

Romantika resort is situated in the Fitchoza area. Romantika resort has 15 bungalows, which are suitable for families and friends; there is also a playground for the kids.

Romantika Resort

Romantika Resort

Romantika resort is situated in the Fichoza area, 12 kilometres south of the city of Varna. It is located in a deciduous forest near the beach.

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