FC Varna – Festival and congress centre in Varna

FC Varna

Festival and congress centre - Varna was built in 1986.

It became a centre for the most prestige venues in the sphere of art and culture. Apart from different artistic venues and festivals, science meetings and seminars are carried out; different firms celebrate their yearly holidays.

Festival and congress centre - Varna is the face of Bulgaria in prestige international congress organizations such as ICCA, EFCT, AIPC and the only Pan-European chain of cinemas Europe Cinemas of the European Union.

Some of the most prestige venues, of which FCC is a coorganizer, are ‘Zlatna roza' (Golden rose) the festival for Bulgarian films, the festival for European film productions, the international music festival ‘Varnensko lyato' (Varna summer), The Varna theatre festival, The International choruses competition in May, The International Ballet competition - Varna, the Christmas and May exhibitions of BWU (the Bulgarian Writers Union) - Varna, The international festival of children's art ‘Sazvezdie more - slantse, mladost, krasota' (Constellation sea - sun, youth, beauty) and many more.

There are a lot of beautiful sites on the Varna coastal region.

The Fitzhoza region is situated south from Varna; it is famous for its clean and wild beaches. Romantika resort is situated in the Fitchoza area. Romantika resort has 15 bungalows, which are suitable for families and friends; there is also a playground for the kids.

Romantika Resort

Romantika Resort

Romantika resort is situated in the Fichoza area, 12 kilometres south of the city of Varna. It is located in a deciduous forest near the beach.

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