Archeological museum

Archeological museum - Варна

The Varna archeological museum is created by the Varna archeological union under the initiative of Karel and Herman Schorpil.

The treasure found in 1972 near Varna which is of the oldest gold in the world is kept in the museum: the Varna eneolithe treasure idated around 4200-4600 BC. It consists of finery and bracelets, which were mainly forged. The gold in the alloys has purity of 13 to 23 carats with total weight of 6 kg. The treasure is protected in a special way.

The Varna archeological museum is among the hundred national tourist destinations.

There are a lot of beautiful sites on the Varna coastal region.

The Fitzhoza region is situated south from Varna; it is famous for its clean and wild beaches. Romantika resort is situated in the Fitchoza area. Romantika resort has 15 bungalows, which are suitable for families and friends; there is also a playground for the kids.

Romantika Resort

Romantika Resort

Romantika resort is situated in the Fichoza area, 12 kilometres south of the city of Varna. It is located in a deciduous forest near the beach.

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