Тhe village of Dobarsko

A Roman Furnace in Dobarsko The Church in the village of Dobarsko The Church in the village of Dobarsko The century-old tree The Shtrokalo waterfall

Dobarsko is a small mountain village situated in the southern foot of Rila mountain at 1,050 m above sea level. It is 70 km away from Blagoevgrad - district centre, 17 km away from Bansko and 18 km away from Razlog. In the land of Dobarsko The River Klokotnitsa flows and its inflow Klinets flows through the village itself.

The village of Dobarsko was mentioned for the first time in a historical document in the Rila Diploma belonging to Tsar Ivan Shishman in 1378. Till the end of the 18th century Dobarsko appears to be a leading economic settlement of the Razlog valley before Bansko became such.

A Roman Furnace

During a frightening storm in 2001 in the vicinity of the village the strong wind breaks a tree in the forest. In its roots brick arches were revealed forming a small tunnel. It was found that this is an ancient Roman ceramic furnace for producing bricks and tiles which were dated 3-4 century by archeologists from the Museum of History in Blagoevgrad. After part of this facility was revealed it was found that this was a furnace with a square elongated shape partially dug in the ground. The arches form a semicircular arch which keeps the grill on which the ceramics, ready for calcination, are put. These are maybe the oldest material traces for the history of Dobarsko.

St. Teodor Tiron and St. Teodor Stratilat church

The St. Teodor Tiron and St. Teodor Stratilat church was built in 1614 by intelligent and wealthy Dobarsko villagers. It was small in size (8.37 x 6.50 x 5.20 metres) and, as the Turks demanded, it was the same as the living premises on the outside. The temple looked more like a small impregnable fortress being partially dug into the ground with neither a bell tower nor a dome and having got small windows called vents. However the Dobarsko villagers compensated the appearance of the church with rich decorations on the inside. The stunning frescoes and authentique architecture of the temple make it one of the most valuable examples of Bulgarian culture. The church is a cultural monument and it is protected as such by UNESCO. It is a part of the hundred tourist destinations of the Bulgarian Tourist Union (BTU).

The century-old tree

If you want to visit this attraction it is best if you're on a guided tour because it is located 7 km away from the village. Experts believe that this tree is a Doklyuva fir which is around 500 years old. The roots of this tree have come on the earth's surface and they shelter tourists who have been caught in a storm.

The Shtrokalo waterfall

The nearest to the centre of the village sight is the picturesque 30-metre waterfall called the Shtrokalo waterfall. The small Klinetsa River flows near it (actually the river cuts the village in two parts - east and west).

Predela Hotel

Predela Hotel

Predela hotel is situated in the Predela area in the Predela col on the north slope of the Rila mountain.

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