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Sandanski is a town in Southwest Bulgaria. It is believed that Spartacus, who was a member of the famous Tracian tribe - Medi, was born and lived in Sandanski. The monument of Spartacus, at the entrance of town, is one of its symbols. Sndanski is situated in the Municipality of Blagoevgrad and it is near the town of Melnik.

The mixture of favourable natural landscaoes, rich mineral springs with different water temperature (there are over 80 springs with water temperature of 42-81°С in the region of Sandanski), low level f mineralization, different chemicals, which treat different diseases and provide the possibility for bathing outdoors all year long, make the place convenient for rest and relaxation all year long.

The settlement, around the mineral springs, had sprung in the second millennium BC. The present town of Sandanski lies on the terrain of the ancient town; the different archeological sites are from different historical periods. The town was flourishing in the period 4-6 century. A lot of public buildings and early-Christian basilicas from that time, including early-Christian Episcopal complex, were found.

Some tourist sites and attractions in and around Sandanski that could be visited:

An early-Christian basilica from 2nd century and an antique complex

The monument of Spartacus

‘St. Kozma and St. Damyan' monastery in Sandanski

A unique town park

Pirin national park

The Melnik rock pyramids

Melnik and the Kordopulova house

The Rozhen monastery


The phenomenon - Reverend Stoina and ‘St. George' church in the village of Zlatograd.

Archeological museum

The town park begins from the end of the main pedestrian street. This is the only park in Bulgaria with sand alleys and together with the Sea Garden of Varna is the biggest town park in Bulgaria. It is the park that is best maintained in Bulgaria moreover there are extremely rare plants.

A popular dish in the region is sarmi in vine leaf and jam from green and ripe figs.

The Predela region is situated not far from Sandanski. The Predela hotel is situated in the Predela area, between the Rila and Pirin mountains. The guests of the hotel could enjoy their summer or winter holidays in the mountains among peace and quitness. The century-old tree is situated in the yard of the Predela hotel; the beech gives positive energy to whomever toughes it. The hotel has suites and rooms which could accommodate from 50 to 55 people.

Predela Hotel

Predela Hotel

Predela hotel is situated in the Predela area in the Predela col on the north slope of the Rila mountain.

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