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Dobrinishte is situated in Southwest Bulgaria in a mountainous region; the town is surrounded by three mountains - Rila, Pirin and Rodopi. In the central northern part of Dobrinishte there are remains of Early Neolithic Site which occupied an area of around 7 decares and which was situated around 150 metres from the right shore of the River Valyavitsa, not far from a mineral spring. During excavation works foundation of housing, tools, ceramics, anthropomorphic figures were found. The findings are dated to the end of the first half of the 6th millennium BC.

Cultural and natural sites

A pool with mineral water, known as ‘Rimsko banche', is situated along the river Dobrinishka.

Another sight, which is worth seeing, is the St. Nikola waterfall.

The only garden of its kind in Bulgaria for edelweiss is situated in the town.

St. Petar St. Pavel church was built in 19th century.

The current St. Panteleimon monastery, built in the 1920s, is situated in Pirin, 4 km northwest from the village of Obidim and 3 km southeast from Dobrinishte. It represents a complex with a church, a housing and industrial building; it is declared a cultural monument.

Several kilometres away from Dobrinishte there is a hut called Gotse Delchev from where you can take the lift for Bezbog hut. You could visit the Tevno lake, the Popovo lake and the Bezbog summit. If you like walking you could go to the smallest Bulgarian town - Melnik. It would take you 12 hours of walking to go from the Bezbog hut to the town of Melnik.

Ski tourism

Dobrinishte combines the best accommodation for your summer and winter holidays: beautiful nature, hospitable people, ski tracks and possibilities for rural and eco tourism. Bansko is situated 6 km away from Dobrinishte; there is an 8-seat cabin line, three four-seat lifts and two drags. The Gotse Delchev hut (1,412 m above sea level) is situated 11 km away from Dobrinishte; the seat lift starts from there and reaches the ski track of the Bezbog hut (2,236 m above sea level).

The Predela hotel is situated nearby; it is located in the Predela area, between the Rila and Pirin mountains. The guests of the hotel could enjoy their summer or winter holidays in the mountains among peace and quitness. The century-old tree is situated in the yard of the Predela hotel; the beech gives positive energy to whomever toughes it. The hotel has suites and rooms which could accommodate from 50 to 55 people.

Predela Hotel

Predela Hotel

Predela hotel is situated in the Predela area in the Predela col on the north slope of the Rila mountain.

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