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Bansko is a town in Southwest Bulgaria and a world famous ski resort. Bansko attracts Bulgarian and foreign tourists all year long. It is equally attractive for visitors during each and every of the four seasons; the town offers various possibilities for rest and relaxation.
It is a town-museum where the old and new exist peacefully together - the modern town centre emerges into cobblestone streets with typical houses with wooden porches hidden behind strong double gates. It is known as a centre for mountain and ski sports with modern ski facilities and a newly-built cabin lift.

The following sites, which are part of the hundred national tourist destinations of the Bulgarian Tourist Union, are situated in the town: The Velyanov house, Neofit Rilski museum, Nikola Vaptsarov museum and A permanent exhibiton for icons called The Bansko arts school.

While you enjoy the sight of the beautiful nature at the foot of the North Pirin Mountain you could taste the specialties typical of the area. Bansko is famous for its specialties like: Bansko kapama, Chobanski spit, chomlek, lamp specialties - cheverme, minutiae, home-made round loaves and cakes, katino appetizer, Bansko kustureta - check with kazhely, dropping, smenka, Banski starets (babichka), kurvavitsa and shuzhuk, shupla, tseluvarchi, tsrekulychi, kukurini, sulovra, katak, home-produced sheep milk - usually served with honey and blackberries, banitsa, burek.

Predela Hotel is situated 18 km away from Bansko; it is called Predela after Predela located between Pirin and Rila mountains. The hotel is a wonderful starting point for your walk on the eco routes in the area or it could provide a skiing holiday away from the noise of the big ski resort.

Predela Hotel

Predela Hotel

Predela hotel is situated in the Predela area in the Predela col on the north slope of the Rila mountain.

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