Yagodinska (Strawberry) cave

Entrance into Yagodinska cave Yagodinska cave Yagodinska cave Yagodinska cave

The Yagodinska cave is situated in the Rodopi mountain in Bulgaria. It is 10 km long and three-storeys high; only the first storey (the smallest) is improved and electrified.

There is a 1,100-metre path made for tourists. The entrance and the exit from that floor are artificially dug tunnels, 150 and 80 m long.

The natural entrance to the cave leads to the first floor where an ancient settlement was found, inhabited around 4th millennium BC. The finds tell the story that it was a home of well-skilled master potters. The clay was extracted from the inner part of the cave and from the River Buynovska. The pots were baked in clay furnaces. The inhabitants were forced to leave their home after the collapse caused by an earthquake.

The cave is unique with its plenty of stalactites, ‘hangings', ‘leopard furs' (differently-coloured rock layers) and cave pearls. It has a constant temperature of 6 °C and humidity of 92%.

Some of its inner formations remind of Santa Claus, Snow-white and the seven dwarves, Jesus' Mother and The New born Jesus, Pizho and Penda, animal shapes and different imaginary figures.

An asphalt road leads to the cave through the gorge but it can be reached on foot from the nearby village of Trigrad though the walk takes two hours.

The Yagodinska cave is among the hundred national tourist destinations of the Bulgarian tourist union.

The Narechen baths, which are famous for their mineral springs and health resorts, are situated in the Rodopi mountain. The Harechen springs hotel is situated in the area; it has room for 40 people and a restaurant, which offers dishes from the Rodopi region.

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski izvori hotel is situated in the Rodopi mountain near the Narechenski baths area.

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