The Miraculous bridges

Big Bridge Small Bridge Erkyupria River below Big Bridge

The miraculous bridges are a rock phenomenon known also by the name os Rock bridges. It is situated in the Western Rodopi 1,450 m above sea level, at the foot of Big Persenk top.

The bridges had formed due to the erosion activity of a high-watered river in the past, which made the cracks in the marble into a deep cave whose ceiling got thinner with time and later fell down. It is supposed that the debris of the tearing down were washed away by the waters of the river.

The area around the two bridges is full of century-old coniferous forests, consisting mainly of spruce trees. Both bridges are safe for tourists. People could walk on them and under them. There is a interesting tradition, which arose after the bridges were announced a tourist attraction - every tourist, who passes under the big bridge, writes their name with coal on the wall.

Near the rock phenomenon there are a lot of caves but most of them are not safe for tourists as they are no lights in them. Nearby there are huts called ‘Chudnite mostove' ( The miraculous bridges) and ‘Skalnite mostove' (The Rock bridges).

The miraculous bridges are among the hundred national tourist destinations of the Bulgarian tourist union.

The Narechen baths, which are famous for their mineral springs and health resorts, are situated in the Rodopi on the way to Smolyan. The Harechen springs hotel is situated in the area; it has room for 40 people and a restaurant, which offers dishes from the Rodopi region.

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski izvori hotel is situated in the Rodopi mountain near the Narechenski baths area.

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