Krastova gora, Gradishte

Krastova gora, Gradishte Cross in Krastova gora Gradishte place

The Gradishte region is situated in Middle Rodopi 6 km from the village of Borovo and 45 km from Asenovgrad; it is better know as Krastova gora (forest) or Krastov vruh (top). The wonderous Christ's cross is a symbol of Krastov top. According to the legend part of it is situated in the place of nowadays ‘St. Troitza' monastery or the so called Troitski monastery. During the mass Islamization in 18th it was destroyed and around 300 monks were killed.

While spending one night at Krastov top, brother Yordancho (Yordan Stoichev Dryankov, who was born in the village of Kovatchevitsa) understood the story of the area - once there was a big monastery and a small part of Christ's cross was kept in it. While sleeping he dreamed that God told him to build a big metal cross on that place of which he told Tsar (King) Boris III.

With the king's ‘help' on 1st May, 1936 Dryankov brought the miraculous cross, which was concreted and sanctified on the eastern slope of the top. A white dove landed on the copper and it flew to the west slope. Beleiving that the dove would show them the old monastery ayazmo( water source near a sacred Christian place), brother Yordancho told the people from the village of Borovo, who had gathered there, to go in that direction. The little dove laned on a rock, on the lower part of which, after cleaning all piled stones, water sprung.

‘St. Troitza' church, in the western slope of Krastov top, was built in 1956 by several masters with the help of all the believers from the village of Borovo. It was built on parts of the foundations of an old monastery church. A shelter room, for all the believers, was also constructed.

In 1958 bishop Stephan (later metropolitan of Veliko Tarnovo) sanctified the chapel.
On 22nd October, 1994 the cross, which was a present from Tsar (king) Boris III, went missing. It was found in the forest 7 months later by a local shepherd and it was put on the main chapel. A new one, of non-corrosive steel, 99 kg, was made on the place of the old.

Every night Friday to Saturday between 0 and 2 a.m. there is a liturgy in the chapel. A lot of pilgrims, which could be seen in the darkness only thanks to their candles, gather on the fields. They believe that when sleeping on the holy place a miracle will occur.
In 1990s ‘Pokrov na sveta Bogoroditsa' (Canopy of Jesus' mother) chapel was built in the middle of the complex. The chapels of the 12 disciples are situated from both sides of the path, leading to the cross, behind the main chapel. The new Canopy of Jesus' mother church is sanctified by the Plovdiv metropolitan Arcenii. His Holiness patriarch Maksim was also at the ceremony.

Make a wish and visit the so called Bulgarian Jerusalem.

The Narechen baths, which are famous for their mineral springs and health resorts, are situated in the Rodopi on the way to Smolyan. The Harechen springs hotel is situated in the area; it has room for 40 people and a restaurant, which offers dishes from the Rodopi region.

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski izvori hotel is situated in the Rodopi mountain near the Narechenski baths area.

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