Entrance into Uhlovista cave Formations in the cave Uhlovitsa Formations in the cave Uhlovitsa Formations in the cave Uhlovitsa

Uhlovitsa is the name of a cave in the ‘Sini virove' region in the municipality of Smolyan in the Rodopi mountains. It is near the village of Mogilitsa and it is 37 and 47 km from Pamporovo and Chepelare.

The cave was found in 1967 by Dimitar and George Raychev. The name of the cave comes from the word ‘ululitsa' (tawny ow), bird of prey.

It is 460 m long, 330 of which are urbanized. It is 1,040 m above sea level. The average temperature is 10-11°C. The icy White waterfall is at the end of the cave.
It is one of the oldest caves in the region; it has a lot of beautiful dendrite formations looking just like sea corals.

There are 7 incredibly beautiful lakes at the end of the cave, which are full of water in early spring. The rock spurs of a brilliant icy waterfall drop down to the big lake.

The road to the entrance of the cave is a little adventure which is worth the risk so that to see the unique beauty of the cave.

Uhlovitsa cave is among the hundred national tourist destinations.

The Narechen baths, which are famous for their mineral springs and health resorts, are situated in the Rodopi mountain. The Harechen springs hotel is situated in the area; it has room for 40 people and a restaurant, which offers dishes from the Rodopi region.

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski izvori hotel is situated in the Rodopi mountain near the Narechenski baths area.

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