‘Svoboda’ (Freedom) top

‘Svoboda’ (Freedom) top View from ‘Svoboda’ (Freedom) top

‘Svoboda' top is situated north from the village of Davidkovo, 1,943 m above sea level. A Tracian sanctuary from 11th - 7th century BC, believed to be the biggest sanctuary of Dionisius, is situated on ‘Svoboda' top. There are suppositions that the large stones on top were probably remains of Prehistoric times and were used for astronomical purposes and forecasts.

An asphalt road leads from Davidkovo to the old ‘Svoboda' hut, which is situated in the valley south of the top. The walk from there to the top is half an hour of climbing steep steps. There is a fountain with a summer-house built so that people could rest there and drink some cool mountainous water. A beautiful view could be seen from the top. In clear skies just before sunrise the White Sea could be seen.

There is a tourist route to the top, which starts from the centre of the village of Davidkovo. Some gravel way at the end of the village leading to the north passes through the Prevala neighbourhood and reaches the plain area "Baza'. The wide road ends near the ‘Chestoka' area and people should walk through the forest on the slope from there so that to reach the ‘Svoboda' hut.

The memorial of Momchil leader, one of the first people who standing against the Ottoman enslavers, was built at ‘Svoboda' top.

People say that Enihan's grave is at the top, famous as the patron of the Rodopi. The legend tells that he was an Ottoman leader who enslaved the Rodopi mountain. There is Enihan's grave.

The Narechen baths, which are famous for their mineral springs and health resorts, are situated in the Rodopi mountain. The Harechen springs hotel is situated in the area; it has room for 40 people and a restaurant, which offers dishes from the Rodopi region.

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski Izvori Hotel

Narechenski izvori hotel is situated in the Rodopi mountain near the Narechenski baths area.

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