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Pliska is a town in Northeast Bulgaria. Pliska is situated in the Municipality of Kaspichan, the Municipality of Shumen; it is near the town of Novi Pazar and Kaspichan. It is the first capital of Danube Bulgaria.
Pliska aka Pluskov is the capital of Bulgaria during the first Bulgarian kingdom from the end of 7th century till around 893 when the capital moves to Preslav. There some of the most important monuments of the Pliska-Preslav cultural influence are still kept.

The remains of the medieval town, which had been protected by a ground-ditch and roll, take up around 23 sq. km. This area includes also a citadel with powerful defensive walls, a big Palace and a small Palace, a basilica, built with stone blocks. A lot of remains of the early Slavic and Old Bulgarian culture are found in Pliska. The Old Bulgarian kurgan is situated in Novi Pazar, near Pliska.

Some of the sites, included in the list with the hundred national tourist sites by the Bulgarian Tourist Union, are located in Pliska. These are: Pliska National historical-archeological resrve and the big basilica in Pliska.

The Kireka area is situated near Pliska and the Kireka hotel-restaurant is situated in this area. In clear skies the Kireka hotel-restaurant offers a stunning view of the white stone walls of the old capital Pliska. Kireka hotel-restaurant can take up from 35 to 45 people; it has suites, double and single bed rooms and a restaurant with room for 60 people on its ground floor.

Kireka Hotel-Restaurant

Kireka Hotel-Restaurant

Kireka hotel-restaurant is situated in the beautiful locality called Kireka in the municipality of Kaspichan and near the town of Shumen.

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