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Madara rider Madara rider Park Madara

It is situated in Northeast Bulgaria near the village of Madara and about 20 km away from the town of Shumen. The Madara rider is an archeological monument which represents a bas-relief, carved in the rock 23m away from the foundation of a vertical rock. The Madara rider is enlisted in the worldwide cultural data and natural heritage of UNESCO. It was declared a monument of worldwide heritage by UNESCO in 1979.

The bas-relief of the Madara rider represents a triumphant ruler - the symbol of the power of the First Bulgarian country. It shows a full-size rider underway right, a flying eagle in front of him, a dog that follows the rider and a pierced lion, lying under the front legs of the horse. The composition, which symbolizes victory over some fierce enemy, reminds the viewer of ancient triumphant scenes and arts traditions from Antiguity (a Tracian rider).

The Madara rider is carved in the Madara rocks. The Kireka area is situated at the foot of the Madara rocks 20 km away from the town of Shumen.

Kireka hotel-restaurant, situated in the Kireka area, is a place where everybody could stay and rest while enjoying the eco-routes in the National Historical-Archeological reserve Madara. Kireka hotel-restaurant has rooms for 35 to 45 people; the hotel has suites as well as double and single bed rooms, the restaurant can take up to 60 people on the ground floor.

Kireka Hotel-Restaurant

Kireka Hotel-Restaurant

Kireka hotel-restaurant is situated in the beautiful locality called Kireka in the municipality of Kaspichan and near the town of Shumen.

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