Two lattice bricks

Two lattice brick
Franko warehouse Kaspichan 0,44 lv.

VAT included.

Size 125 / 250 / 120 mm.
Weight 2,700 kg./pcs.
Application Adding to fourfold lattice bricks for tige building.
Number in m2 25 pcs.
Number in m3 202 pcs. ≈ 4 m2
Number in pallet 256 pcs.
Number truck (TIR) 28 pallet, 7168 pcs.

Two lattice bricks or double ceramic blocks. They are used for adding to fourfold lattice bricks for tige building.

The double ceramic block is made of 100% natural materials. The clay, which the two lattice bricks are made from, is extracted from a clay-pit situated on the territory of the Keramat factory. They are processed by modern technology and are fired in modern furnaces. The equipment in the factory is modernized by the leading Bernini and CMA companies.

The two lattice brick made by Keramat JSC - Kaspichan meets all the requirements of the European Union and the BNS standards. It is accompanied by a certificate for quality. The walls in buildings, where the two lattice bricks are used, meet all the standards for warm efficiency, sound isolation and energy efficiency.

Two lattice bricks are intended for adding to four lattice bricks for tige building and are applicable under article 137, paragraph 1 from the TOL (Territory Organization Law) and the Regulations under article 137, paragraph 2 of TOL from first to fifth, with prescribed compressive strength. This quality control guarantees the excellent characteristics of the two lattice brick in practical application.