Single lattice bricks

Single lattice brick Specification of a Single lattice brick made from Keramat JSC - Kaspichan
Franko warehouse Kaspichan 0,42 lv.

VAT included.

Size 250 / 120 / 65 mm.
Weight 2,400 kg per piece
Application Bearing and partition walls.
Number in m2 52 pcs. (single wall)
Number in m3 392 pcs.
Number in pallet 480 pcs. ≈ 4 m2
Number truck (TIR) pallet 21, 10080 issue.

Single lattice bricks. The single lattice bricks of Keramat JSC are made of 100% natural materials. The clay is extracted from a clay-pit situated on the territory of the factory. The single lattice brick is also called single ceramic block.

The single bricks with lattice are used for building bearing and partition walls. This type of brick has more cavities than the solid single lattice brick which is produced by Keramat – Kaspichan. Having vertical cavities and stable cavities it meets the European standards and requirements under the BNS (Bulgarian National Standard) for stability, insulation and energy efficiency.

It is preferable to the other alternatives of single bricks, marketed in Bulgaria, due to its stability achieved by its relatively light weight of 2.4 kg which is over a kilogram lighter than the bricks of the competitors. At the same time the walls of the signle lattice bricks are dense enough to fix embedded fasteners on walls built with them.

Single lattice bricks are intended for walls and are applicable under article 137, paragraph 1 from the TOL (Territory Organization Law) and the Regulations under article 137, paragraph 2 of TOL from first to fifth, with prescribed compressive strength. This quality control guarantees excellent characteristics of the single lattice brick in practical application.