Fourfold lattice bricks

Fourfold lattice brick Specification of a fourfold lattice brick made from Keramat JSC - Kaspichan
Franko warehouse Kaspichan 0,76 lv.

VAT included.

Size 250 / 250 / 120 mm.
Weight 5,500 kg./pcs.
Application Outdoor bearing and partition walls.
Number in m2 15 pcs. (single wall)
Number in m3 119 pcs.
Number in pallet 150 pcs. ≈ 4 m2
Number truck (TIR) 28 pallet, 4200 pcs.

Fourfold lattice bricks. The fourfold lattice bricks are used for building outside bearing and partition walls. They are also called four ceramic blocks. They have a high percentage of cavities and are made of 100% natural materials.

Thanks to its porous mass the ceramic blocks type – fourfold ceramic blocks – have relatively low volume weight compared to the rest of the bricks and are implemented in larger formats and this makes them more widely used for building outdoor and indoor walls as bearing and partition walls. They are applied in the construction of all kinds of buildings – living, industrial and others.

The fourfold lattice bricks of Keramat JSC are preferable instead of those of the competitors due to their thicker walls. Their cavities are less in number – 8 cavities, while the walls are thicker. This allows more stable and steady fitting of fasteners on the walls built with fourfold lattice bricks produced by Keramat JSC – Kaspichan.

The fourfold ceramic block produced by Keramat JSC the town of Kaspichan have a certificate for quality and meets the standards of The European Union and the standards under the BNS (Bulgarian National Standard). It meets the requirements for insulation, sound isolation and energy efficiency.

The fourfold lattice bricks are meant for walls and are applicable under article 137, paragraph 1 TOL from first to fifth, with prescribed compressive strength. This quality control guarantees the excellent characteristics of the fourfold lattice brick in practical application.