The History of Keramat JSC

Owner of Keramat JSC

The company was set in 1855 by D. Kulev, who bought the place and started the production process with 10-15 workers. This activity continued till 1893 when the owner hired 60-70 workers and started a mass production of tiles. In this way Kulev in 1893 established a small company. The name of this company came in 1908 when the owner sent soil to be tested in Germany. The samples gave positive results, meeting the requirements under the ‘Zvezda’ standard, and this very same name was accepted by the owner to be the name of his company. In the same year the company bought a press, a machine for puddling clay and a steam engine. In 1949 a ring furnace with 22 fire boxes was built and in 1961 the same furnace was expanded with 24 more fire boxes; tunnel dryers are built with more 24 channels. In 1964 the ‘Vetrishte’ workshop joined the company with its ring furnace; the workshop was situated 40 kilometers away from Kaspichan.

Views of the Keramat JSC

Since 1996 the company has been called ‘Keramat’ Sole Proprietor JSC. Four lattice bricks are produced in the workshop in the town of Kaspichan and single lattice bricks are produced in the ‘Vetrishte’ workshop. In 1999 the company was privatized and became a private property, so from Sole Proprietor JSC it changed into JSC. In 2003 the already private company bought the workshop in the town of Shumen, ‘Divdqdovo’ living district, where four lattice bricks are produced. In 2008 Keramat JSC modernized the brick production process. Furnaces and assembly lines made by leading producers like Bernini and CMA were installed.

The first office building Keramat JSC back in 1922

The first administrative building of the company was built in the distant 1922. The building is preserved till now because it has architectural value as well as it is the symbol of the company.